Reinventing Passwords

Authentication just became as easy as signing your name.

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The handwritten password revolution

Minimal Requirements

No special hardware is required, SignPass can run on any phone and integrate with any system

Maximum Security

SignPass is impervious to all known Phishing methods, it cannot be copied, stolen or recorded via hacking.

Zero privacy risks

No biometrics, personal or irreplaceable information is used, gathered or stored.


SignPass provides a single process, 3 factor authentication service, that can be integrated into any platform or service.

  • Big data analysis methods

    • Multi-dimensional time series extraction from the input device (position, time, pressure, orientation, etc...)

    • Computation of statistically significant characteristics which track both dynamic (varying) and static (constant) factors of the input sample

    • Real-time statistical profile composition of the user and dynamic augmentation of the profile based on validation results (machine learning)

    • Automatic adjustments for users with different levels of variance in their input process.

    • Correlative automatic calibration of user specific input parameters.

    • Cascading sub models directed at better evaluating potential Type I and Type II error situations

  • Hassle free integration

    • API available for multiple platforms (java, javascript, python, etc) allows integration from any environment (web, client apps, mobile applications, etc).

    • API is based on GoogleClient API infrastructure – as easy as connecting to Google Maps or Google Drive.

    • Secured Administration API allows configuration and data view of domain – specific activities.

    • SignPass mobile SDK allows integration of SignPass technology into custom built mobile applications.

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